Our company


16 years ago, in 2004, a couple decided to establish Csako-Team Ltd., which is 100 percent family-owned and managed company.

Since our founding, we are working to serve our partners at the highest level, therefore...

What we are doing

Our profile is very diverse services.

Design and manufacture of machined spare parts

Design and manufacture of machined spare parts...

Design and manufacture of motorsport parts

Design and manufacture of butterfly valve adapters, gear levers and polyurethane bushings

Manufacture of devices

Pressure vessels, unique...


Design and manufacture of machines

Design and manufacture of machines automotive...


Maintanance of other machines and production lines

Production lines, machines...

Installation of machines and production lines

Production lines, production stations...


Colleagues of Csako-Team Ltd.

Contact Us

  • Csako-Team Kft
  • 3580 Tiszaújváros, Bay Zoltán utca 7.
  • fax: +36 46 320 160
  • csako[kukac]csakoteam.hu

General Manager:
Csaba Kovacs
+36 30 916 9951

Head of Finance:
Csabane Kovacs
+36 30 237 9408

Technical Manager:
Mate Kovacs
+36 30 593 1795

Műszaki vezető:
Nagy Gergő
+36 30 582 60 55